The company was initially formed under title of Khalil Mechanical Industries Limited in 1955 by Mr. Khalil ur Rahman (late) with the aim of promoting indigenization in local industry. Successful developed and manufactured Water Meters and other machinery & equipment. His objective of producing local automobiles had been appeared in news papers. He started Design and R&D work to produce precision parts of automobiles in early 60s.

In 1968 Mr. Khalil started Design & Manufacturing of Industrial Air Conditioning Plants as well as introduced locally manufactured Refrigerators also carried out Air Conditioning of Buses. At the time of introducing indigenous Refrigerator at Karachi Press Club he reiterated his objective of producing local automobile. In result of nationalization policy of the government in 1972 the company faced big loses therefore production of different products was stopped. However manufactured Match Making Plants, Industrial Pumps & other machinery/Equipment. Provided Technical Consultancy Services in Pakistan and abroad.

Mr. Khalil practically started the Design, Development process to manufacture Indigenous Automobile with the titles of Winmark International (Pvt.) Ltd and sister concern S.K Rahman & co.(Pvt.) Ltd. Successfully introduced the First Pakistani Automobile “PROFICIENT” without any foreign technical assistance with the help of his sons in 1986, which were examined and approved by many national & international authorities & organizations viz Pakistan Army, World Bank Delegation, Technical Expert Team of General Motors USA, Japanese Expert Team, Pakistan Standard Institution and many others. The Local contents of these automobiles were about 95%. But in consequences of extreme non cooperation and imposition of various trade barriers by wasted interest in Govt. departments the project was closed down. Mr. Khalil pass away in 1993 with the broken heart.

Some illustrated reference are herewith, regarding the project:

  • The team members of Mr. Khalil re-started technical activities under title of S.K. Rahman & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. (SKR).
  • Obtained registered Trade Mark ‘UZBAA' as automobile manufacturers.
  • Brand name ‘Uzbaa’ got registered under motor registration department.
  • Successfully Designed and Developed Military & Civil version automobiles.
  • Designed and developed large number of machinery and equipment for government and private sectors.
  • Our efforts towards contributing indigenization in automobile and other industries are continued.